Friday, 21 February 2014

Experimental Fashion Photography

Here are some image that I have create for a brief called ‘experimental photography’ all of my pieces that I have created upon this brief have a link to fashion.
I used four different film photographs to build up a collage effect; I have put each image on a different layer in Photoshop and then moved the scale of each one to what I thought would be best suited to build up an effect.
This is one of my images from a brief called ‘experimental photography’ here I have used a digital SLR camera and Photoshop to product one image but have duplicated the same image to show different styles of experimentation. I have added a boarded to the background to give it a different effect.

Here is another experiential photography piece, I have used 3 different images on 3 different layers and changed the opacity of them to create a movement effect of the garment/ materials she is holding. This was also an experimental piece for the clothes show live brief that I entered.


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