Friday, 21 February 2014

Event | Band Photography

In my first year of my photography course we set up an event as part of the brief, called the bridal cabaret where the whole creative arts department collaborated. Here I have shoot some photographs from some of the garment created by the first and second year fashion students that performed at the event. There were four bands in total that played; I have chosen some of my best shots.

This is a zoomed in shot of the lead singer of one of the bands, I have edited the image in Photoshop to black and white and adjusted the background so it was blacked out but still has a slight view of what else is in the background, but yet the main focus point is on the singer.
I'm really happy with this shot of the guy playing the guitar you can see slight movement in the hand area which I really like because I was finding it hard to capture a good image from this band because there was a lot of movement. I have slightly edited this image by adjusting the brightness and contrast.
Here I have captured the lead singer in mid vocals and once again I have just edited the image to black and white.
This is just a group shot of the final band that performed, edited in Photoshop to black and white because in colour the whole appearance of the image didn't look right.

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