Friday, 21 February 2014

Personal | Fashion Photography

 I have take this photograph in the studio with a white backdrop, I have edited the whole image in Photoshop to give the idea of a dark sky for dramatic effect. The original image was in colour, I changed the colour to black and white because I thought it would look better and link in with the dramatic background. If I was to redo this shoot I would set up the lighting differently due to the fact that the face is more highlighted on one side, but I also like it because it adds more tones to the image.

Here I have photographed my friend who is promoting a fashion label called Class Villain. The image is a natural lighting shot and has been adjusted in Photoshop to turn the image from colour to black and white. I have added a boarder for effect, as I am using this image in my brief ' experimental photography' the image is on Google images and has 11,166 notes on tumblr.

I took a series of fashion styled photographs of my friend when I first started to develop the idea that I wanted to do photography. these images were taken on a bridge camera and have been edited in Photoshop to change them to black and white and I have added a lens flare for effect.  

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