Friday, 21 February 2014

Event | Fashion Photography

In my first year of my photography course we set up an event as part of the brief, called the bridal cabaret where the whole creative arts department collaborated. Here I have shoot some photographs from some of the garment created by the first and second year fashion students, who collaborated with the media makeup and hair to create their final look for the show. Here are some of my best shots from the event.

I really like these two images combined into one, I like the vibrate colour coming from the garment it relates to the theme of culture.

I have edited this image into black and white because I personally thought that it looked better due to the lighting not being quite right at the event, editing the image into Photoshop helped me cover up any flaws due to the lighting.
I have edited this event photograph in Photoshop by going around the image and making the background darker and more blurred out so the main focus is on the garment. I really like the colour scheme to this garment.

I was able to get a straight on shot of this model on the catwalk I edited the image into black and white because due to an error with the lighting at the event, but using Photoshop I was able to correct any errors.


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